Welcome to my Happy Shtick site. I hope you find the Shtick you are looking for! Happyshtick@gmail.com



homeimgGood day / Bon Jour,
Welcome to my Happy Shtick site. I hope you find the Shtick you are looking for!
I’m just a active person like many of you, who enjoys the outdoors.
On any given day, I make it a point to take a awesome walk in the park, bush, or if feeling adventurous, to infinity and beyond!
Are you saying to yourself, “Get to the point” or asking yourself “What is a Happy Shtick?”, well your about to find out!
I was born and raised in a remote northern community. I never cared for boring, and have always had a sense of adventure for new unique things. Why settle for plain when you can handle awesome, right?
Well let me get to my point:
There is a huge difference between a boring old worn out walking stick and a Happy Shtick!
Yes you can go the local huge department store and grab a stick, but I can guarantee you that you won’t find a Happy Shtick! 110% guarantee!
I take pride in offering custom made “Happy Shticks”. When you decide to shop for a Happy Shtick, you will deal with moi, the owner and maker of each and every Happy Shtick!
Does your outdoor equipment store know what it takes to create a Happy Shtick? I do!
I put my blood, sweat, and beers to provide each and every single customer the Happy Shtick of their dreams.
From local to import, I will do my absolute best in handing you a Happy Shtick you always wanted!
No Happy Shtick is too big or small. The only thing that is important to me is that you walk a way with a ear to ear smile while handling the Happy Shtick of your choice!
Each Happy Shtick handle has had at some point in time their purpose in life. Some longer than others but make no mistake, many happy stories are attached to it.
These “On Tap” handles have all served a pint or two in a watering hole somewhere in the world!
When their time has come to be put out to pasture, I save them from such pre-mature unwanted drooping sorrow and give them a marriage made in heaven…..thus a “Happy Shtick” is created.
My philosophy about life, is everyone at some point in time, needs, craves, and deserves a Happy Shtick to call their own!
Nothing lifts your spirits like a Happy Shtick!
Whether you are a stubby, lean, or girth graving type of person, I can find a Happy Shtick that will suit you just fine!
Shopping for that special gift for the love of your life, a family member, friend, or co-worker but are sick in tired of the boring usual gift items!
Well, no need to ponder anymore. Get in touch and I will make your Happy Shtick shopping a uplifting experience!
Heck, you might even buy one for yourself, if I have what it takes!
Cause no one deserves to handle a plain old boring stick!
Get your Happy Shtick today! It will lift your spirits. You gotta have one!
Have a Happy Shtick of a day! Looking forward to fulfilling your void or gift shopping experience.
Thanks / Merci,
Craig McCormick
Owner and Founder