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SAVVY EYE Personal Shopper.

savvyeyeMY GOALS: Gain your trust in allowing me to shop for a specific item you want/need. As a result, you spend more time doing what you like, and last but not least….save you money!

Hello, Glad you have taken the time to enter this portion of my website. Shopping for a specific new or next to new item in hopes to get the best possible price is always time consuming. At the end of the day, you end up buying at full price in frustration! I can HELP!

Over the past 25+ years, I have through trial and error, developed some sound shopping skills that have saved me quite a bit of money! Overtime it became a past time for me which I realized I enjoyed doing.

Over the years and on a regular basis, I hear all kinds of stories where people are paying way too much for specific items. Have you ever considered getting someone to shop for you, whose sole intent is to find you the best possible price? Hire me the “SAVVY EYE” to find you the bargain you been looking for! Get in touch today to discuss.


Craig McCormick



Coming soon: Unique Canadian pride items for purchase, including 150th EH! Memorabilia! strong-free